A 193mystery

You find Grace Neill's pub, which incidentally is the oldest pub in Ireland as you walk in a chill runs through your body, the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Suddenly a pale lady dressed in costume appears.

"You'll be the friends of Commander J, am I right? She said you were a handsome looking lot"

The woman peers closely at you all.

"Hmm I'm not too sure about that! But come on in, I've prepared a table for you, just sit yourself down there and I'll be getting you some refreshments"

You sit down only to find the table covered with beer mats, you take a closer look at them...


1. Grace Neill's Pub - HINT #1 +

Order is of the upmost importance. And yes, size does matter.

1. Grace Neill's Pub - HINT #2 +

First order the pumpkins small to large.

Then the potions, aren't they colourful, just like a rainbow!

You must be going batty by now, why do more keep appearing?

1. Grace Neill's Pub - ANSWER +