A 193mystery Giveaway

  • Lifetime access to 193mysteries online adventure games
  • A monthly mission, to a new country for your family team of secret agents
  • The Evidence Locker Puzzle - an introductory puzzle as you train to be a secret agent
  • Secret Agent Net Training so that your family can use the internet safely
  • The Codemakers Compendium So that your secret agents can create their own codes and ciphers
  • The Monthly Intel Packet - games, activities and lesson ideas to take your secret agents learning deeper
  • All future bonuses, games and puzzles released for the 193mysteries membership


Over three days we will release three puzzles.
You will need the KEY to help crack the puzzle, the key will be released each day on our Instagram page HERE.
Like the Instagram page, then use the 3 images in the row to find the key.
Come back here and complete the puzzle for the day.
Submit your entry under the puzzle.
One entry per puzzle per person.
Enter all three puzzles and triple your chance to win!
All correct entries will be entered into a draw and the winner will be chosen at random by number generator.
Entries close on November 5th, 9am JST
The winner will be announced on a Live on November 5th, 11am JST and notified by email.
All entries are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

Day #1

"The Collector" a notorious thief for hire and trickster is on the move.
Use the hint on the 193mysteries Instagram feed to work out which country he is headed to...

Day #2

The Collector is planning to steal from which person?

Day #3

What is The Collector planning to steal?