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Let me tell you a little about 193mysteries...


193mysteries was a COVID baby.

That sounds weird!

I digress...

It was spring 2020 and all our travel plans were cancelled, as a family of adventurers we were gutted. We had the Golden Week holidays coming up and so I decided we would still go adventuring but from the comfort (and safety from the pandemic) of our living room.

One of the things my son has always loved are puzzles, code breaking and escape rooms. So I put on my teacher hat, brushed off my tech pants and got to work. What I created were location specific virtual escape rooms. Lots of puzzles, research, investigating, googling and fun!

What happened next was the surprising part.

As I shared on social media what we had been up to, I had friends and strangers alike asking if they could play too.

And before I knew it, a new project was born!

What followed next was a lot of research, feedback, testing and generally head scratching (of the problem solving variety, not nits!) Until we had come up with something that ticked all the boxes...


  • Must be something that can be played as a family
  • Must be educational and fun
  • Must involve cracking clues, decoding cyphers, solving puzzles and a dollop of mystery
  • Must be easy to use (no difficult tech)
  • Must get the family excited about new places in the world and learning about new things

And so, whilst the world argued the merits of wearing or not wearing a mask, I did what I do best...

Got Creative!

And now it is almost time to unveil 193mysteries to the public. As you have arrived on this page, you will get an email missive soon, letting you know when we open for the limited number of founding members.

If you are a fan of puzzles, travel and family fun, then you won't want to miss it and I would LOVE to have you along for the ride.

Keep you eye on your inbox...

Commander J xx



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