193mysteries Halloween Escape Game - can you crack it?

Halloween Is Not Cancelled!

Come and pitch your wits against "The Collector" for some spooktacular fun...

Bah Humbug (wrong season, same sentiment)

All is not lost! Join forces with the 193 Secret Agents to save Halloween from The Collector - the notorious international thief for hire.

Hired by Count Van Olaf, The Collector plans to travel around one of the most haunted countries in the world to steal the unimaginable.

It is your job to stop him.

You will visit the most haunted castles, inns and hotels and meet some of the spookiest ghosts around as you crack the clues and solve the puzzles to catch The Collector.

50% ghost hunt, 50% virtual escape room, 100% good old family fun where you can work together as a team.

All you need to play: A device that has internet access, a notebook and pen, family or friends.

Follow the story, solve the puzzles online, move pieces to crack the clues as you try to catch The Collector...

Does your family have the smarts to catch him?

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner...


The Ghostnapper - A 193mysteries Game

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What Is A Virtual Escape Room Exactly?

I'm glad you asked... A traditional escape room, is a room where you are locked in and the only way out is by solving puzzles and clues usually to find a final password which unlocks the door.

A virtual escape room is a bit like that but you can always get up to go to the toilet! You need to solve the puzzles and crack the clues to get the final password which will complete the game. You need to find the answer in each stage of the game to move onto the next stage and sometimes, early clues will help you solve ones later in the game.

193mysteries games are designed around a story and are sneakily educational too, taking you to a new country and discovering new places, facts and other fun trivia.

This game will take about an hour to complete (depending on who is playing) and is suitable for all the family, aged 6 and up - it is designed to play together and way more fun that way!

Who Is Behind 193mysteries?

That will be Commander J and her team. Commander J is a best selling Montessori author, experienced teacher and teacher trainer and teaching materials maker. She is also a homeschooling mom with an over-active imagination, who has lived and taught in 3 continents.


Her motto for her work is "To raise curious, life-long learners"


Which is why every 193mysteries mission must check the following boxes...

  • Responsible Screen Time

    Each mission is created with the family in mind, allowing kids to learn to use the internet in a fun but supervised way. Not only do they work on their research and logic skills but also problem solving and co-operation. Using screentime as a time to bond not sit apart.

  • Global Learning

    Each fun, educational virtual escape style game takes you to a new country where you discover interesting facts about the place as you solve the puzzles and decode the clues. Learn about the famous and not so famous, the culture, religions, foods and traditions of the land.

  • Problem Solving

    With years of teaching experience and teachers’ resource creation we know to fire the child’s imagination and curiosity. Along with puzzles that will encourage critical thinking, logic and some out-of-the box ideas too. You can be assured your child will come away with questions and a yearning to learn more.


What age is it suitable for? +

Age 6 and older, it is designed to play as a team, working together to crack the clues. We recommend that adults let the kids take the lead in running the show and using the device (allowing parents to guide them)

What will I need? +

A device with an internet connection - it might be handy to have a second device if you need to Google anything. Pen and paper. Snacks (optional)

How does it work? +

Once you have paid you will be sent an email with your login details, then follow the instructions inside. You will need follow the story, answer questions, look for clues, solves puzzles. Some are interactive, some you might need Google to help you, some you just need good old brain power!

What if we get stuck? +

No worries, there are hints available and if you get really stuck answers too! We do recommend that a responsible adult takes charge of looking at the hints ONLY if you get really, really stuck!

How scary is it? +

Not very!

We understand that some kids are sensitive and others love to be scared so as we created the game we erred on the side of caution and chose not-very-scary-ghosts to play with.

All the stories and places visited are based on fact (but if you have easily spooked kids you might want to not tell them that, those who do love a scare, let them know!)

We also included links at the end so you can take your spooky research further if you wish to!

Do you have a refund policy? +

We are sure you will love the Ghostnapper game but if you don’t then we don’t want your money, just send us an email within 7 days of purchase and we will refund you.

How much time do we need to play? +

Most 193 agents complete the game in 60 minutes.

When Halloween ends
And All Saints Day breaks,
the chance to buy this game will disappear!

We are sure you will love the Ghostnapper game but if you don’t then we don’t want your money, just send us an email within 7 days of purchase and we will refund you.