Create Healthy Family Boundaries Around Screen Time Even If
You Are Self Proclaimed TikTok Addicts

  • Does it feel like the whole family is together but apart as they are all glued to their screen?
  • Do you understand the want & need for screens but miss the good old days of connected family fun?
  • Do you worry about your kids healthy due excessive screen time, especially in these pandemic times?

It doesn't have to be all or nothing, use this FREE handy checklist to set realistic boundaries that all family members can keep, striking a balance for the use of screens and family time together.

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Who is behind 193mysteries?

Commander J AKA Jo Ebisujima is a best selling Montessori author, experienced teacher, multi-passionate entrepreneur and homeschooling mom.

Over the year she has taught hundreds of kids on three continents and helped hundreds of moms around the world, create rich and meaningful learning experiences for their children.

Her mission in life is to help parents help their kids “Fall In Love With Learning”. She understands the need of tech in our lives but also that family connection and relationships are important too.

No More Time Wasting...

Don't spend another day or nagging or worse, making empty threats to turn off the wifi and throw out the PS4.

Grab the checklist and yours kids and create your family plan today.

10 minutes and a few coloured pens and your kids will visually be able to understand the problem and as a family you'll be able to create achievable, realistic guidelines around screen time.