Thank you very much for the fun travel afternoon without walking out of the house! Our 8 year old had fun and we all learned lots of interesting facts about a new country.


This was awesome. Such a great idea and executed well. We were very entertained and got that dopamine hit every time we got a question right. Having the time challenge was fun too! Just challenging enough but not too crazy hard. We're so impressed!


A great way to open the door to another country. This game uses problem-solving skills and gets kids more familiar with how to ask the right questions when searching the Internet for specific answers. Overall we found it both fun and interesting. We are ready for the next country.


Where Travel, Puzzles and
Cultures Collide

  • Virtual Trips

    Take a mystery trip without leaving home. All you need is the internet, some cunning skills and probably some snacks!

  • Crack Codes

    And follow the story that guides you through the streets. Work together as a team to discover the secrets of the city.

  • Fall In Love

    With a new city. Learn its history, quirky sites, specialized food, local customs and traditions. All from your sofa.

Our Mission

To Make Learning Fun

With a Montessori background and as a homeschooling family we want kids around the world to fall in love with learning. To see learning as fun and to become life long learners.

And lovers of travel, culture and adventure.

To Raise Global Citizens

We believe that exposing kids to different cultures,
way of thinking, religions, and political beliefs
will create a more understanding and global society.

Less Hate. More Love.

To Build Strong Family Connections

We know that families that play together, stay together.  Using a variety of problem solving exercises that build on each members strengths will have you working as a team.

Create strong family bonds. And many happy memories.

Try A 193Mystery Tour
See if you can out-smart the world most prolific thief-for-hire "The Collector"