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Each 193mysteries mission will take you to a different part of the world, where you will end up, we can not say. 

Every mission includes a Culture Intel Pack so that you can take your mission offline and to the next level.

HQ have new intel that the notorious international thief for hire "The Collector" is about to steal something from a beautiful medieval city, something loved by many people worldwide. It is your job to figure out where he is, what he plans to steal and to stop him. 

Get your team together, time is of the essence.

Hired by Count Van Olaf, The Collector is heading to one of the most haunted countries in the world to steal the unimaginable. They say it can't be done, he is out to prove them wrong and if he succeeds, this island nation will never be the same again.

Collect the bravest members of your team, and get started before it's too late.

O Corp want to turn the area into one giant oil field but what about the wildlife and environment? They don't care, the negative impact on the planet will be monumental, the future of the earth depends on you.

Professor Green needs your help to stop O Corp from drilling but first you need to find them...

*Self contained game

*Self contained games means that there is no outside help needed, all the answers are provided within the game, you just need to figure them out. No need to Google or research.