Who Are We & Why Are We Here?

We are a homeschooling/worldschooling Montessori inspired family who love escape rooms, quizzes and puzzles.

Our family core values are:

  • Curiosity
  • Being global citizens
  • Education
  • Family connection
  • Fun

These are the things that we live by, not only in our family but work too.

We believe that as parents we should be helping kids fall in love with learning by giving them fun opportunities to peak their curiosity. We also believe that family spending time together learning and having fun helps build those meaningful connections that bonds a family.

As parents we understand how scary it is to let kids lose on the internet, it's like the Wild West out there and it is really hard as a parent to:

A, Keep up with all the new apps and tech advances

B, Teach our kids to be safe out there

When we created 193mysteries we had internet education in mind. We wanted to create an interactive game that utilizes all the amazing resources available but doing it in a way where parents can supervise without coming across as being annoying.

Giving the kids an opportunity to Google for answers, to visit different websites but under the watchful eye of their guardians.

Here at 193mysteries we believe kids need to experience the 'real world', to learn the difference between a click bait site and a reputable resource. To learn how to use incredible tools such as Google maps and be net savvy. Because being net savvy is a life skill these days.

To help kids and the not so net savvy parents navigate all this we created for our members, a "Create your own story" style escape room, to help you teach your kids about net safety and help you open up the important conversations - ones that our parents didn't have with us because all this stuff is new!


We are also a family who loves to travel, immerse ourselves in different cultures, try new foods, discover history, culture, art and more about each country we visit and we wanted to share that passion with others.

And that is how 193mysteries came about, it a accumulation of all our passions rolled into one and we can't wait to share it with you!

If you want to find out more about the team behind 193mysteries, the main website is HERE

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