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This was awesome. Such a great idea and executed well. We were very entertained and got that dopamine hit every time we got a question right. Having the time challenge was fun too! Just challenging enough but not too crazy hard. We're so impressed!


Thank you very much for the fun travel afternoon without walking out of the house! Our 8 year old had fun and we all learned lots of interesting facts about a new country.


A great way to open the door to another country. This game uses problem-solving skills and gets kids more familiar with how to ask the right questions when searching the Internet for specific answers. Overall we found it both fun and interesting. We are ready for the next country.


What Exactly Is 193mysteries?

193mysteries is a ready-to-play edutainment online treasure hunt where your family becomes a team of secret agents.
Your monthly mission will send you to a new country and city where you will use your wit and cunning to stop the villain and save the day. 

Each season has a running story that is woven into each mission. Although the story is fictional all the historical and cultural information within each mission is real and correct.

Your team will need to use their smarts to outwit the villains. You will need to crack codes, decipher messages, solve puzzles all whilst exploring (virtually) a new city. Igniting your kids imagination whilst they learn.

All you need is a tablet or computer to access the internet, pen and paper and your team of secret agents, snacks and disguises are optional.

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Can your family of secret agents can out-smart the worlds most prolific thief-for-hire "The Collector"?

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